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Where can you find skybox textures?


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See this place?  https://opengameart.org/content/elyvisions-skyboxes

See the tiny link to elevisions.zip?

You COULD grab that.  I dunno what it is inside it.

Once upon a time... I collected 38 Elyvision skyboxes, corrected their texture names to be BJS-ready... put bottoms on the skyboxes that didn't have bottoms... and packed-up all 38 with a demo viewer... into THIS zip.  http://urbanproductions.com/wingy/babylon/skyboxes/skybox_tour.zip

Grab it, use its textures, have fun.  Try to find Elyvision's current website, try to see if they have usage rights policies, and at least give them credit where possible.

If you grab my zip package, you can see that I gave credit to them.... by putting their name/website address on the bottom textures of any skyboxes that had no bottom textures.

Note:  Skyboxes without bottom textures - 5-texture skyboxes... expect the programmer to use a "ground" as the bottom texture.  ie. No need for bottom texture when there is a floor/ground in the scene.  BUT, BabylonJS cubeMaps need a 6th texture (negativeY/_ny)... so, I had to "make" some.  :)

Let's see if the demo itself still works...


Yeah!  Be patient as you tour with [ and ] keys.  Textures take time to load.  G-button toggles ground, M-button toggles model, R-button for reset.   Skybox1 is possibly a non-Elyvision skybox.  Not sure.  "Skybox1" is the first skybox used in a BJS scene, EVER, I believe.  It is available in our playground, too.  I think 3 Elyvision skyboxes are playground-reachable, as well.

For Ely1-Ely18 (all 5-texture skyboxes)... you can drive your camera thru the floor, and see the credits/url to elyvision (written on bottom texture).  Unfortunately, it is a stale url

Ok, hope this is helpful.  38 BJS-ready skyboxes... sweet!

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We're just trying to keep-up-with (actually catch-up-with) YOUR coolness, DK.  :)

Deltakosh gets over 100 emails per day... from adoring teen-girl fans, ya know?

I hear he has a high-magnitude direction vector.  :o  He probably has a firm and accurate mouse-pointer, too.  (yikes)

(WebGL has some GOOD opportunities for innuendo comedy, eh?)  (Wingy progs-up some UV Rays in a nearby playground.)

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