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importScene of undefined from undefined version: undefined...


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Hello, recently i met a problem and it really troubles me. I use BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append() to load the .glb file(export from Max2babylon plugin) and it failed. The browser said: "Unable to load from ../BIM/incremental/helin.glb: importScene of undefined from undefined version: undefined, exporter version: undefinedimportScene has failed JSON parse". then i load the .gltf file, The browser said: "Unable to load from ../BIM/incremental/helin.gltf: loadAssts of unknown". It's really wired, huh? :huh:

After that i use the same project  load .babylon file(also export from Max2babylon plugin) correctly to make sure it's not the problem with project. And i test to load the .gltf file in a plain html file and it works, so i think it's no the problem with the file and the peoject. So i think it's a bug.(no offense):)

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11 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

I meant: do you import the script in your page? can you share your html page and code?

Thank you for your reply. sorry for my misunderstanding. i used the source: "https://preview.babylonjs.com/loaders/babylonjs.loaders.js" in my project for test for sure. And also sorry for not sharing my code because the project is so big and i have tried my best to make sure that there is no error in other part of my project(as mentioned above: i can load .babylon file correctly). Please forgive me for my poor english.:D

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14 hours ago, JCPalmer said:

This sounds like an error message trying to be generated off of the producer tag in a .babylon file, and no producer tag found.  gltf probably does not has a producer tag.



thank you for your answer!  i just use Max2babylon plugin to export the .gltf file as usual. And i test to load the .gltf file in a plain html file and it works. I don't think anything about producer tag is wrong.

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