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Development environment for Babylon.js?


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Visual Studio probably - especially as David and David are MS employees.


It actually depends on your Javascript experience and your personal preference...  It may also depend on the type of project you plan to complete.  For me, I'm more interested in mobile and babylon.js and so I use Notepad++ for the Javascript and HTML element and then Basic4Android to develop the Android part of the project.

For me it's also about the ease of programming as opposed to intellitype necessarily.  Notepad++ or other editors can be extended to help when developing.

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Well, I have some experience in development, so there is some choices:

First: Visual Studio
huge community
huge possibilities
much of addons
multi-language support

much of space to install
much of good addons is paid

much of requirement to performance workspace

Second: Visual Studio code
small performance requirements, good performance

small community
no addons

This probably should support intellisense, but I don't tested it

Third: WebStorm from jetBrains company
This is my favorite, it is specially developed to code on java script
extremely better performance
much of syntaxes support
community version is not worse than licensed

only javascript
This probably contains intellesense, I looked at google a bit, and found some topics, so it may be, but I don't tested on my own;

Additional tips: 
For the better code reading, take a look on the typescript, coffescript or dart languages ( https://www.dartlang.org/faq ), they are fully compiled to javascript without errors and making code better to look.

Take a look at the babylon editor, http://editor.babylonjs.com , it looks pretty cool, but in beta-test probably and I do not know his performance. This is not only on the website, you can download this tool on your pc (but it will work in browser, internet connection not needed).

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if you editor can't find where BJS is on your disc by itself, just add this comment line in your file in the first position 

/// <reference path='/path/to/Babylon.js/dist/preview release/babylon.d.ts' />

write your own path the babylon.d.ts file

then reload your file in VSCode, Intellisense should work

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Couple of things:

If you are going to develop, I assume your hardware is up to the job.  RAM is cheap.

Next, probably whatever IDE you are using already.  Reason being very low learning curve.  Typescript is now available as plug-in all over the place.

I have used Eclipse with Python & Typescript plugins.  Right now I am using Netbeans, which has a very nice Typescript editor plugin.  It also has good html, javascript, NPM & GIT integration.  I also write a a python plug-in.  What I especially like I can have multiple projects open at once making Blender exporter & loading typescript code in side by side viewing.

First thing to check does your current IDE just need a Typescript plugin?

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Well..did you have setup a webserver in your env? Also do you have the babylon.d.ts file somewhere? I don't see them in your capture (but it is pretty blurry so not sure)

You must have babylon.js and babylon.d.ts in your folder.\Then add the reference comment like @jerome mentioned (make sure to point to the right path).

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