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Editor + position of objects in games question


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Today I started the babylon course and managed to create my first spritesheet animation in photoshop and have my little guy running on the screen, yeah! I had no idea games animations were made this way!

Where I need a bit of help at the moment is on the understanding of the technology rather than the coding for now.

First, I am not understanding why there is an editor and what it is for, I need to create a 2d game, will this tool be useful?



second, where I am very confused about is the placement of objects in a game, is everything done pixels by pixels?? If yes it will take me ages to add details on a map, or, perhaps, this editor above may help with the job?


ie: Let's say you create a super Mario game and you have these question mark boxes all over a level, how would you place them, please? It would be nice to have some kind of visual with a drag and drop.


Thank you all, I am going to love this new little hobby!



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Hi @Beny and welcome to the forum. Really glad you are enjoying your first steps with Babylon.js. You have mentioned in both your topics that you are creating a 2D game and as much as I love Babylon.js I would ask you to take a step back and consider using a 2D games engine such as phaser or pixi.js both of which have forums on this site. It seems that from your questions that you are imagining the game in 2D and this will make it dfficult to build it with a 3D engine such as Babylon.js

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