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GCanvas alibaba


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Has anybody written anything for GCanvas with BabylonJS on a mobile device?  Looks promising...

"At this moment, we have already supported 90% of 2D APIs and 99% of WebGL APIs."

If nobody has tried it out - I'll post back here when I get a chance to, which will take a while...  Cheers.

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@Sebavan looks like a custom C++ implementation of OpenGL ES 2.0.  For Android they use a JSBridge (based on Cordova) - iOS bridge is based on WebViewJavascriptBridge.  I looked into their project a bit  - no commits since April and issues are not getting replies.  Going to give it a miss for now, but will be checking in to see if they progress, since it's a great idea - maintaining their own engine I think is a lot of effort even to get to ES 3.0.  It ties is so nicely with Weex - I hope they invest in this project further :)

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