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"Vocab RPG" - Online RPG built with Phaser 3

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Game Link: Vocab RPG


Vocab RPG is an Online RPG about catching Monsters & collecting Vocabulary Cards!




  • Open world with unique zones to explore
  • MMO: Online multiplayer
  • Monsters: Hunt, battle, and catch many unique monsters!
  • Crafting: Collect different resources and use them to craft items & consumables
  • Language Learning: Unlock vocabulary cards!
  • Currently 4 vocabulary languages to choose from: Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian



In Vocab RPG, you have all the elements of a monster-focused RPG: Hunting, fighting, catching, levelling, crafting, etc. But for every action that you take in the game, it will show you a vocabulary card! As a consequence, the more words you know, the stronger you also become in the game.

The game starts very slowly with only 3 words unlocked. But as you progress in the game, you can unlock more cards and expand your vocabulary - at your own pace.



To take into account different learning preferences, you can pick your challenge by choosing from 4 difficulty settings:

- Normal: Wrong answers reduce your monster's attack or consumables (such as potions) by 25%.
- Casual: Even if you answer wrong, you will attack and operate at 100% effectiveness. In other words, you see the cards but there is no consequence for answering wrong.
- Hardcore: When you answer wrong, your monster's attack will fail! So answering wrong means 0 damage dealt.
- Off: I also want people to enjoy this game, even when they are not really in the mood for studying vocabulary cards right now.... select 'Off' and you will not see any vocabulary cards in the game!



Thanks to the power of Phaser 3, you can play this game on any device in your browser. No installation required.

The game is mobile optimized, so whether you play on your laptop or phone / tablet, is only a matter of your preference.


Game Link:

If you are interested in trying the game, you can jump right into it: Vocab RPG


Any feedback is much appreciated! We also have a Discord server for the game where players are exchanging ideas, reporting bugs, and giving feedback:
Vocab RPG Discord



The game uses a lot of CC0 assets (like the monster sprites in this post) from various artists. I keep a list of all used assets here (which is also accessible from directly inside the game):
Credits List

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