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We are creating some 3d apps for web and web mobile so Unity3D can't do the job for mobile web. We need to have 3d text on top of some 3d objects, the text needs to be created dynamically so we can't import it from Blender or another 3d authoring tool.

What library do you recommend to add to Babylon to have 3d text? I tested the 3d GUI but you need to have buttons and the requirements is 3d text similar to what UNity3D offers.

Any help will be appreciate it.


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And maybe, check out the demo-filled forum thread about meshWriter, too.  http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/37487-text-as-polygon-mesh/

Actually, stay on PAGES 3/4 of that forum thread.  Less broken playgrounds.  :o  (usually broken due-to stale URL to meshWriter lib)

I like this one.  https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XWVXN9#63

  ...and this physics-ish one... https://playground.babylonjs.com/#1KPF49#54  (might need extra click on RUN)  (also, joint between "o" and "n" not working)

[Wingnut gives a little wink to @The Leftover, a swell guy and the author of meshWriter]

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