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Key Hold CallBack


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Hi all,


I searched a long time for a callback that would be called each update when a key is pressed, like a key.onHold.add(this.onHold, this);


I wasn't able to find anything close in the doc or the forum, so I decided to do my own manager, and share it here.


Bascically the usage is like that :


this.keyManager = new InputKeyEventsManager(game,this);


That creates an Instance of InputKeyEventsManager. It "inherits" from Phaser.Sprite so the update is automatically called from the game.

The parameters are :

- the current game reference

- the targeted object, on which the callback will be called


Then to monitor a key:


this.key = this.keyManager.createKey(<Phaser.Keyboard.KeyCode>,<onDown>,<onHold>,<onUp>); 


That's it.


Now that this is done, here's my question :

Why would not this be implemented ? 


Don't misunderstand me, I'm sure there's a good reason and I'm just trying to understand it.


It's just ... I was sure this would be implemented when I first saw the Key.onDown and Key.onUp function. So I was very disappointed not seeing an onHold one.

Maybe what I'm doing is drastically cutting the performances? 

Please let me know. 



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