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Found 4 results

  1. erkokos


    Spaceix is a simple and addictive endless runner game. Control the little rockets gliding through a beautiful exotic world. Collect coins and unlock cool in game rockets. Relaxed in the calm, zen-like background music. Hold and release so that the rockets takes off. Move away from the obstacles and pick up as many coins as you can.You get a score by traveling through the rings.The coins you pick up you can use in the game to buy rockets. Collect all the 40+ rockets. Be careful not to hit any obstacle or you will have to start again the game. Download on google play for free: https://
  2. This code is working fine on desktop (returns true when I hold the mouse button on the sprite ) but not on mobile or in Google Chrome Canary emulator ( always returns false ). this.flyButton = this.add.sprite(100,100,'button');this.flyButton.inputEnabled = true;update: function() { console.log(this.flyButton.input.pointerDown());}What am I doing wrong? ( Phaser 2.1.3 )
  3. Hello, comunity. I have the follow problem. My game has keyboard controls (<>^) and virtual controls. I need to highlight the same virtual keys. But it's not problem. How can I catch button hold event?
  4. Hi all, I searched a long time for a callback that would be called each update when a key is pressed, like a key.onHold.add(this.onHold, this); I wasn't able to find anything close in the doc or the forum, so I decided to do my own manager, and share it here. Bascically the usage is like that : this.keyManager = new InputKeyEventsManager(game,this); That creates an Instance of InputKeyEventsManager. It "inherits" from Phaser.Sprite so the update is automatically called from the game. The parameters are : - the current game reference - the targeted object, on which the callback will b
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