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New online Pixel Art Editor webapp - Pixel Editor Pro


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Hey guys,

Don't know if anyone's interested, but I've been working on a pixel art editing webapp that might be useful for game devs looking to create some pixel art or tiles or bitmaps.

It's called Pixel Editor Pro and it's at:


It's free to use at the moment. Right now, I'm just looking for feedback from users about:
1. what features they would like to see in an online pixel editor 
2. how the app might be improved.
3. what improvements/additions would make this a tool you would pay real cold hard cash for every month.

I'm working on new features for it at the moment. I'll probably implement the following features next:

- User Guide in PDF format explaining what all the different sections of the app are and what all the different buttons do :)
- settings section where the user can set different preferences such as (1) size of pixel squares in the Edit Single Tile section, (2) background colour etc.
- display the current row and column over which the user is hovering when editing a single tile
- tile merge feature; build a new tile by merging a bunch of different tiles in sequence
- multiple tile merge feature; merge a single background tile with multiple other tiles to build a bunch of new tiles

Please feel free to post any and all feedback in this thread or email it to me directly at [email protected]. I'm going to read all feedback I receive and use it to improve the app. All feedback will be gratefully received.



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