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Adsense eCPM on free fall


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7 hours ago, Esqarrouth said:

Adsense eCPM has been falling for a long time, while numbers like user count and retention are increasing.


Why could this be? https://prnt.sc/mgfosy

This could be because Programmatic is an auction, so let's look at it from the buyer's perspective.  Ever tried advertising with Google's ad platforms?  Was the quality of their referral traffic good?  Did it convert to genuine customers or anything else of value?  Or was it overhyped and overpriced inventory yielding poor results?   If many Google ad platform customers arrive at a negative conclusion then Demand will drop, and the price will follow.  If we combine this with Supply saturation and autonomous-inventory-trading then the bottom quickly falls out of the market.  Same is equally true with any other non-Google programmatic ad platform (there are other recent posts on this forum showing similar trends on alternative platforms).

I've always questioned the assumption that Advertisers value placing their ads in generic games - and at ~$0.0004 per impression perhaps the evidence agrees?  Valuable advertising always needs to think differently.

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