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No, but there are enough drag&drop examples of different quality. https://pixijs.io/examples/?v=v4.8.7#/projection/basic.js

There are MANY problems, like, how do you distinguish click from drag start? Different games do it differently, we can force it on user, that's why drag wasnt added, and unless someone with big brain makes a very good solution that is worth our lib, we wont add it.

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I'm satisfied with my solution although it is not a multitouch solution (but I think it could become one fairly easily), it has been very reliable so far.

  1. objects have a draggable property
  2. if draggable, when interaction DOWN > save interaction data + listen (ticker) for touch/mouse position change
  3. If touch/mouse position changes we assume the draggable object is being dragged so drag it > again (ticker) + using saved interaction data
  4. When touch/mouse release > stop dragging.
  5. we also have a change range value that touch/mouse has to reach to assume a drag is attempted.  

It's pretty solid so far.


[email protected] Emulating AS2 would be like developing a chat app with smoke signals (AS2 died in 2004!!!). let's be serious, you would have have a better point with AS3. 

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