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Hi all

Just to let you know that we've moved examples for PixiJS version 4 to https://pixijs.io/examples-v4/ and the regular examples page at https://pixijs.io/examples/ are targeting the upcoming PixiJS version 5, using the latest APIs rather than deprecated version (`Sprite.from` rather than `Sprite.fromImage`, for example). All v5 examples are also in ES6+ now. If you land at the wrong one, don't worry, the menu on the left lets you easily switch between the 2 pages.

The main point of this post; what examples would you like to see added? Is there anything you found tricky when you first started using PixiJS? Any techniques you saw posted on here that you think should get better visibility? 

Please let us know what you'd like to see, and we'll have a good pool of ideas to start with. And if you feel like helping us out by creating some examples for us, please go for it! 

Thanks :)

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To be honest I really like the new organization, thank you very much for your work and all the teams your were awesome!.
Difficult to target lack example without being confronted in real time, however I can bring some suggestion.

In my opinion, I am not very comfortable and not yet study any of the following theoretical notions.
So you can take what you want  if you want add more basic fun example.





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