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[Phaser 1.1.6] Immovable sprites moves - Collision issue


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I have a problem with sprites with a body set as immovable.

When my player collide with two immovable bodies, one of these bodies moves.


You can try with the two bushes under the player.

1- Go on top of the left bush and collide with it
2- While still colliding, try pushing the right bush




The code for the player and the bush are easely readable with DevTools (player.js and bush.js, you can read obstaclesgroup.js too).


I don't understand what I'm doing wrong so if someone can help me to fix it, I'll owe him one.


Thank you.

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I had a similar issue, I had the player, obstacles and enemies the player and enemies had to have immovable=false and obstacles  had to be immovable=true otherwise the obstacles would just be pushed around, but this caused a problem with the enemies and the player, they wouldn't collide so What I done was checked the distance between the player and all the enemies if the distance between them = (enemy.width+player.width)/2 then the enemy stops moving or whatever I wanted to happen.


I had a quick look trough your code but I couldn't find where you set the immovable property on the obstacles or player


Game looks pretty cool BTW

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