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Is it possible to have a custom loader on Panda.js


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Here is short example on how to customize loader:

game.Loader.inject({    backgroundColor: 0xcccccc,    initStage: function() {        this.bar = new game.Graphics();        this.bar.beginFill(0xffffff);        this.bar.drawRect(0, 0, 260, 40);        this.bar.position.x = game.system.width / 2 - (260 / 2);        this.bar.position.y = game.system.height / 2 - (40 / 2);        this.bar.scale.x = this.percent / 100;        game.system.stage.addChild(this.bar);    },    onPercentChange: function() {        this.bar.scale.x = this.percent / 100;    }});

I will make that better in next version, so that you can extend your own loader classes.

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Uhm well... as I said I just started using panda.js so maybe those features exists yet, but here's what I can find useful:
- Tilemaps
- Camera system
- Animation manager (something like a state machine)
- Fancy WebGL and Canvas effects (color correction, distortion, glowing, glass effect....)
- 2D lighting

About documentation, more details both on the API docs and on the tutorials comments are needed. Plus I can't find documentation on:
- Tiling Sprites
- Asset manager
- Event dispatching

At the moment I'm experiencing an issue with the physics engine:

when a box collides with a box it stops, but when a circle collides with a box it pass through. You can recreate this issue by changing the player's body to a Circle in your flying dog game.

Though I would like to say again I'm very happy of panda.js :-D

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Here is list of features that are currently on roadmap:


Feel free to add more.


I'm trying to make more documentation/tutorials every day (uploading new screencast just now),

so please be patient or ask if you don't understand something :)


Panda's physics module is very simple and still heavily under development, that's why i'm planning to add p2.js module,

for games that need more advanced physics (like Angry Birds style game etc.).


I'm currently working on camera module, with polygons and pathfinding, here is small demo of what's coming:


What do you think?

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