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Found 9 results

  1. hi guys, im here again asking for your wise advices i wonder how to achieve different ways to show loading bars in phaser. i mean something like a bar filling another and a % number indicating how it goes. would you mind to share with me some example? i would like to explore other ways to improve my load state
  2. Hi, is it possible with Phaser make a radial progress bar, like the progress bar on 'clash royale' for loading a unit? Thanks for help!!
  3. Hello, I have a problem with get information how many percent of all mesh/textures were loaded, while I use AssetsManager. I have seen a similar topic, but there SceneLoader is used. Is it possible to get those information about loading progress, while I use AssetsManager?
  4. Hello people, I’m here to ask for assistance on PixiJs (more like a canvas related stuff) and IOS. I want to make an app than take all the available space of the webpage, kinda “Fullscreen” but not necessarily without the actions bar of the browser, What I was doing work pretty well on any browsers except in Safaris IOS browser, in landscape mode (sometime loading the page the first time in landscape work, then when changing orientation and coming back to landscape make the bugs appear). I can’t get to handle the IOS browser correctly, the canvas ignores one or both of the browser bar, causing it to appear under these bar. I just adapted quickly the Pixi’s “bunnymark” demo to show this problem. (http://davikingcode.com/dl-works/bunnyjs/ ). I found on the web an example working really fine on iOS landscape mode (http://www.goodboydigital.com/runpixierun/) but can’t see an obvious differences with my simple example. It may be an HTML/CSS problem, but I can’t find it exactly. Thanks for your help and have a nice day.
  5. hi everyone there, does anybody have an a idea to create a life bar in phaser? i've thinking to use tweens and crop. but how i can restart it or reverse it when the player for example touches a heartlife? i know pretty well how to decrease its life but how can i add life to the bar? any advice would be awesome
  6. So I noticed that a lot of people in here were asking about a loading/progress bar so I came up with my own solution. Let me know what you think var barGreen,barYellow,maxWidth,tween;function create(){ barGreen = game.add.graphics(200,300); barGreen.beginFill(0xEAF516); barGreen.drawRect(0,0,300,50); barYellow = game.add.graphics(200,300); barYellow.beginFill(0x4BFAF7); barYellow.drawRect(0,0,300,50); maxWidth = 300; barYellow.width=0; tween = game.add.tween(barYellow); tween.to({width:maxWidth},1000); tween.start();}Here's the JSFiddle if you want to see what it looks like: http://jsfiddle.net/Batzi/op3grg2w/10/
  7. I am thinking of adding some GUI on my character. How do you create health bars using sprites? Thank you
  8. Hi! I would like to show a custom loading bar at the beginning of my game. Is this possible in panda.js? How?
  9. Saloon Madness http://www.antpixel.com/saloon Because Pablo's Bar famous for its homemade beer, the bar owned by pablo always full of visitors, please help Pablo run the business. Control: click to move and click again to distribute the beer. do not forget to take the empty glass.when customers do not get the beer, the game is over This is my first HTML5 game.This game was released on December 2012.Feedback are also most welcome
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