Which 2d game engine have the most famous/Successful games ?

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I wander what is the game engine that have the most famous/Successful games  that are published 
in the HTML5 portals or steam or whatever 
someone did such stat?

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I remember going through the top hundred games on Facebook Instant Games platform a few years ago (to assess market share for a client).  The results were more diverse than I anticipated, with many being proprietary engines.  Our takeaway was it really doesn't matter what engine is selected so long as the choice delivers tangibles for the audience (e.g. in the case of HTML5 portals things like low upfront footprint, device compatibility, speed and ease of development / improvements).  As for Steam, I would have a hunch the results are yet more diverse with the lion's share being Unity - however there may be no expedient (or free) way to quantify scientifically (does Steam even care)?

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