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Hello everyone, I hope you like isometric pixelart games, because this is one of them,.

I grow up in the early 00' "playing" habbo hotel, and I really enjoyed the art behind this "social network" (yes, it is), so I decide on 2014 to create my own game, but I had several medical issues between 2014 and 2017. So at the beginning of the year I started the project again,with pixi.js... and that's it.

I want to make a MMORPG. I played runescape a lot, years ago, but I want to create a original content, with not much influence from current mmorpg's, and I accept all kind of help and ideas.

The game is currently in a closed INDEV, but in some moments, I send codes in the official discord (currently in spanish).





github issue tracker:


I hope you like it. ❤️

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12 hours ago, Wolfsbane said:

You can't register/play unless you have an Alpha Code?

Regardless, best of luck with the game. :) 

Yap, and thank you!

And if you or other people see this reply quickly.... can register with this keys. ;D



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