EGO Experiment - mind uploading and shooting red things

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I  want to share with you my game, made with pure JavaScript. Almost no libraries, just pure madskills with canvas browser api. And dirties JS code I have ever written.

it is a simple and minimalistic arcade, with some plot, voice narration (my wife helped me with it), and dark-electro soundtrack. Unfortunately, desktop only, and also only modern Chrome/Mozilla browsers. 

Here is a link on itch -

I also wrote a story about all stupid mistakes I had done in the process of this game's creation -, with short animations from old versions, and funny details.

Hope you will enjoy.

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58 minutes ago, mazoku said:

Wow actually pretty fun game. My coordination is not that good though. 

Yeah it was not easy for me to properly balance the difficulty. I spent on this game too much time and it seems too easy for me, even when players can't get through first half of he game. But I tried my best to balance it and decreased difficulty several times, and I hope difficulty curve is more-or-less reasonable now. Some of players even stated, that they completed the game in half an hour. Shame on me - I didn't wire it with any analytics, and can't check that).

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