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Top-Down Tank Game Showcase


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Hi everyone,
I just create a simple show case for PIXI.JS.
A top-down Tank game with: 
1. Physic engine integration with matter-js.
2. ViewPort for 2D camara.
3. Custom Tile map and grid system. 
4. Dynamic generate new area .
5. Keyboard Control.
6. GUI Interface.
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Add multiplayer to your game. This article are awesome: Real Time Multiplayer in HTML5. The article explains how to use some methods for network latency compensation. I deployed the example from the article on Heroku. You can run it in two browser windows: https://battle-world.herokuapp.com/?debug (It is free hosting and sometimes you need to way a few seconds when server is waking up) The article has links on another good articles about network latency compensation methods. I am rewriting the code example from the article to TypeScript.

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On 10/14/2019 at 6:20 AM, KayacChang said:
5. Keyboard Control.

Great little demo! I would suggest definitely making the keyboard changes as suggested by Ivan, it's a bit iffy for me. Windows 10/Chrome.

I even tried to bug it out by messing around with pushing tanks into objects and everything seemed pretty solid! No issues there.

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