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Why do the majority of distribution platforms lack support for in-app purchases?


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What do you want your IAP service to do?  Just collect money and issue a token?  If so, because we're talking "web games", that's just regular "e-commerce" not "IAP"!  There's no vendor walled-garden here.  PayPal will work, there's no need to share your revenue with anyone else.  Don't like PayPal?  How about Google Pay, Stripe, or any of the other dozens of payment processors?  If you want your payment platform to also provide an audience, community, achievements etc then try Kongregate or FB IG and share some of your revenue for the value they add.

On 11/2/2019 at 1:42 PM, titanius said:

CrazyGames, gamedistribution, Y8, ... none of them support in-app purchases. Is there a specific reason for this? Which platforms support IAP?

Maybe because they're in the business of high-volume-churn associated with low-value eCPM?  Rather than the high-quality, high-retention user-experience needed for successful premium purchases?  Different horses for different courses.

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