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What was the better market in 2019? HTML5 or Mobile?


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I expect the answers to be a bit biased here, but for you guys that release games for both HTML5 games for playing directly in browser (both desktop and mobile ), in Facebook Instant Games and mobile games (Android / iOS), which one was the better for you?

When I say better I mean:

  • which one generated more gross revenue ?
  • which one generated more net revenue ?
  • which one was easier to spread your game?
  • what's your source of revenue? Ads, in-app purchase, exclusive / no-exclusive licenses, others (please cite them) or a mix of them?

Also, I'd like to know:

For HTML5 games for playing in browser:

  • what got you more revenue? Either desktop or mobile users?
  • How many percent of users were in desktop and how many in mobile browsers?

For mobile games:

  • what platform got you more revenue? Either Android or iOS?
  • which platform gave you more downloads? Either Android or iOS?

Are you able to live just by making games?

Thank you all.


  • There is no need to disclosure your app names nor the exactly amounts. 
  • I'm considering Facebook Instant Games as a separeted category from HTML5 games to play in browser due the fact one must have its game approved by both Apple and Google and because it will run inside Facebook's site / app.
  • I don't care whether the Android / iOS games where made using native code or tools like cordova. What matter is that your game was published on Apple Store and Play Store.
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Hey. Some info from us. Please note this is an info for a full catalog of our games (88 titles in total, 5 new games added in 2019). 

Browser Html5 games - we (team of 5) make a living out of it. Some licenses, some b2b deals, some ads. 

Facebook Instant Games - was super nice in 2018. In 2019 our reveue from games (old and new) is rather small. Still makes a little sense to publish new games there. 

Mobile games - zero. null. nada. Not a single dollar. 

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