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Adsense For Games Simple Player


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I'm approved for adsense for games.  When you sign up it says there will be a simple player option to implement it in to your website/game.  Now I'm in that option isn't there - just the advanced one. 

Does anybody else with Adsense for Games know where you can get the simple player code?  Alternatively have you found a good example integration elsewhere?  



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1 hour ago, freakxapps said:


By the way how you got the approval we have been trying from a while but no reply from google.


I was accepted years ago back when I was making flash games.  I remember there was a minimum requirement of plays etc. but can't remember what it was now.

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As mentioned, there is Ima SDK for the ones approved for adsene for games (AFG). Implementation is quite simple, including samples.

The ones without access to AFG can try search for some provider of ads for web games, there are bunch of them. More likely, the services provided such ads will use ads from ad exchange running in their own player ->  developers using such services do not need develop own ad players + can achieve better CPMs compared to AFG. 

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