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[help] PIXI.Loader doesn't load some images (but does others)


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Hi everyone,

I haven't touched in pixi in a while and I was now making a clean version of a project id did and I'm having some issues loading some images to use as sprites.

I have searched online to see if someone was having a similar issue but didn't find anything so I'll try asking here in case someone knows the obvious answer (I bet is obvious).


First things first: I'm using Fenix webserver to implement a localhost (https://preview.fenixwebserver.com/)


the problem I'm having is that some image the loader is able to load with no problem but others the loader cannot find them. This was all working very well until I decided to change the images I'm using and I found this issue.

As you can see from the attached screen:

  • The PIXI.loader is able to correctly find and load the blank-3.png file (among others)
  • The PIXI.loader is not able to find (nor load) the slot-icon-09.png file (among others)
  • all images are in the same location

Does anyone know why is this happening and how to fix it?


Any thanks in advance.



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Like I said ... it was an obvious problem for sure...

I had multiple copies of the same project and I was working on one and adding the images to another...

Yes shame on me.... 


This thread can be deleted if you would like (or leave it for my shame ... forever... lol)

Thanks for your the availability and willingness to help, @ivan.popelyshev

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I thought its russian "o" or "c" in letters, or wrong kind of dash, or something else name-related :(

 Also I know that sometimes people have bugs in the brain that prevent them from doing some obvious checks. Five month ago i was fighting a long-living problem in pixijs and understood that I have that kind of bug, found one condition that I always thought is true without any proof It couldn't be possible without other people reviews even if they didn't understand the problem fully.

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