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background downloader for pixi.js

abbas jafari

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hi masters ?

im beginner in pixi.js and game develop.

i write a program that in some time load some picture or video or music...
not problem in pictures but when load a video or a music. it take long time until play .

I decided when start my program . download all video and all music. then show a progressbar with title (loading...)

i created my progressBar but can't connect  it on my media.

thanks for your helps. and sorry for my english languge... 

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So, basically, in web there are two ways - either preload either stream. PixiJS does have only a bit of code that is managing video. PixiJS does have only a few bits of code that manage videos/audio. PixiJS loader should, in theory, preload everything, and it should work, but in practice there are many small things missing.

That's why I cant understand what do you want.

Did you try to use default PixiJS loader ? If so, what problems did you encounter? 

If you dont know how internally PixiJS loader works - well, its  actually https://github.com/englercj/resource-loader , you can read source code there. And nothing stops you from debugging it.

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