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Phaser for LD48 (Ludum Dare Compo 26)


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I've got a free weekend and, even though I'm twelve or so hours late, I think I'm going to try and make something with Phaser for it. 


It'll be a trial by fire to say the least, considering I've a) never used JS for game development and B) never used TypeScript at all. But I really want to make something and this is an easy way to impose a deadline. The caveat is that if I get nowhere today I'm going to use my own Python game framework again.



http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ if you want to join me. (The theme is Minimalism.) 


Here are the links I currently have open in case anybody feels lost like me:







Wish me luck! :D

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Well, I didn't have much success over the weekend, but that was due partly to a social life that came out of nowhere, and partly to a compile error that happened almost immediately and caused me to prototype in a different framework. Even then I didn't submit a game. >.< However, I have Phaser running now, so I will definitely be coming back to it. I'm not sure how fun my game is, after the other prototype, but I think I'll still make it in Phaser for laughs.

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