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How to fix "Cannot read property 'uno' of undefined"?


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here's the code:

let Sprite = PIXI.Sprite, loader = PIXI.loader, resources = PIXI.loader.resources;


let uno;

function setup() {
  sheet = resources["assets/sprites.json"];
  uno = new PIXI.AnimatedSprite(sheet.animations["uno"]);


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I guys it should be "sheet.spritesheet.animations"

Its javascript, there are no types, only IDE intellisense.

My recommendation - learn how to use debugger. Look for places where "undefined" was found. Without DevTools debugging, breakpoints, watches, profiling you wouldn't be able to make any production app.

Easy fixes like that should be obvious. You dont have to remember all the pixi documentation and examples, and those docs also wil lie to you about some things - so you really should learn how to debug.

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