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Remove `onComplete()` handler from shared loader


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How do you remove a `onComplete` handler from a shared loader?

const loader = PIXI.Loader.shared;



My core application loads a standard set of textures; then, calls the complete handler.

However later during runtime, new scenes can be loaded via a File -> Open operation that may contain new or custom texture assets.

When I load those textures in a different area of the application via the shared loader, my original completion handler is called.  

This ends up chaining so that my first shared loader's `onComplete` is called twice.

My workaround is to ditch the shared loader and create new instances:

const loader = new PIXI.Loader();

Seems like I should be able to remove the handler, like:



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loader.onComplete is MiniSignal. There are 3 ways how to remove handler:

const binding = loader.onComplete.add(handler);



const binding = loader.onComplete.add(handler);


or detaching all at once



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8 minutes ago, jasonsturges said:

@bubamara Ah, `detach` - didn't see that for some reason.  Thanks.

That's because resource-loader is in separate repo so our docs aren't usually synced up ;) https://github.com/englercj/resource-loader

it uses mini-signals, its in second circle of pixi deps, and they have detach

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