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Latest Pixi not compatible with Angular 9


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Hi, guys

I need your help, i have angular 9 project with lates pixiJs 5.x.

my GPU go up until 100% when i run.

I see nice article About Angulr & Pixi -> https://medium.com/@hazterisk/how-3-lines-of-code-reduced-cpu-and-memory-consumption-by-13-b451de874701

after implement changes still i get 100% GPU :(

I create issues on https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/6578 you will find steps to reproduce and repo

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Yes, I have experience with angular 1 :)

But one guy in twitter has a similar problem , bunnymark is slow as hell in webpack production build. 

We can only provide solutions other people who used react/angular figured out. My honest opinion - its a problem of webpack users that they dont understand how webpack works and cant control what it produces. There's no such thing in vanilla javascript or typescript.

I suggest to try ThreeJS or BabylonJS and see if it also consumes 100% GPU or not :)

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	private defaults: IPixiApplicationOptions = {
		transparent: true,
		antialias: true,
		resolution: this.devicePixelRatio,
		autoDensity: true

antialias can be very slow on macbooks with retina if said macbooks dont have powerful video. If its your target device, I recommend to add settings for users: antialias on/off, resolution:1/this.devicePixelRatio.

Nothing else can be done with it.

If you want antialias=false and have good lines at the same time - you have to use custom shaders for lines which @eXponeta has: https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/nyhhOobH-Sq1Vh93Q-6E_ Yes, that's advanced stuff. No, we wont teach you how to do it, it will take time before we actually make plugin that people can use without special knowledge.


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first @ivan.popelyshev Thanks, dud :)

I changed antialias to false & still get 80% - 100% GPU.

I go to PixiJS docs to search about PIXI.Ticker and i add this

PIXI.Ticker.shared.add(() => {
    console.log('shared tick');
PIXI.Ticker.system.add(() => {
   console.log('system tick');

When i commented out pixi-viewport, i get good results without zoom in /out

may be pixi-viewport have problem, do you know?

I update repo with changes, you can see :)



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