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Rob Gordon

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I'm trying to understand what PIXI.Ticker.system actually does.

I have experimented with doing the following after initializing my application:

PIXI.Ticker.system.autoStart = false;

The result is much less energy use (as measured by the Activity Monitor in OSX) and no change in the functionality of the application. The docs mention it's used by PIXI.interaction.InteractionManager (which I use a lot), but all my functionality is intact.

FYI, I'm also stopping the shared Ticker and just using app.ticker for everything at maxFPS of 30.


r o b

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I may have just answered my own question. It seems the InteractionManager doesn't NEED PIXI.Ticker.system, but can send it events and is set up by default to do so.

You can do this to shut that down:

app.renderer.plugins.interaction.useSystemTicker = false

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