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mouseover event on 'covered' sprite


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This is going to sound a bit silly...

I've got two sprites; one has a mouseclick event listener, the other has a mouseover event listener. The second sprite (mouseover) has to be under the first (mouseclick) but, I *really* want the mouseover event to still fire.

Is this possible?

(I've got another sprite under the first, which also has a mouseclick event listener, and on click, they will both fire, but the mouseover I'm having less luck with!)

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Yes, you have to hack InteractionManager, and possibly its search object (TreeSearch). something like "renderer.plugins.interaction.search = new MySearch()". You have to look in the source code of interaction manager.

However, mouseover is a very tricky thing, and I never did see how people did multiple over-s that are not parents to each other. If you do that thing - please share it.

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Potential workaround: Check if mouseclick is being fired for the one underneath, then clone the mouseover code into there?


I have achieved this actually... When you click the sprite you want to drag, set its alpha to 0 and leave it where it is, create a replica of that sprite with a hitArea= rect(0,0,0,0) and use that to follow your mouse. Now when you move it over the other sprite, the pointerOver event should still fire. If you then drop the mouse-sprite, just destroy the original sprite, or move it to the new location and destroy the mouse sprite. Or if its a failed movement (i.e. they dropped it in a bad place) simple destroy the mouse sprite, and set alpha back to 1 on the original. Free-rollback!

So whatever your application is, there may be potential for creating a ghost copy or setting the hitArea's to 0 temporarily to get the desired results.

It's buggy at first but can be nailed eventually.


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