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I want to make the background of the RenderTexture transparent

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I want to display a live2d model using PixiJS V5, cubism 4.0 sdk.
Specifically, I am planning to create a Live2DSprite that inherits Sprite and display it by rendering.
However, it is not done at present.
Probably you haven't successfully replaced the bindRenderTexture and bindRenderTarget of PixiJS V4
I am thinking.
Is there a mechanism to change to bindRenderTexture and bindRenderTarget in PixiJS V5?

I want to do the following.

Reference video

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If you use latest live2d, you have to port instead.

If you use old one, then yeah, you have to port avgjs solution. 

bindRenderTarget was moved to "renderer.renderTexture.bind(myRenderTexture)" . Its much easier in pixijs to do rt-related stuff and meshes. I advice you to read the source of pixijs

I have a cold and I cant help you much, but i can give one advice: look up all examples in . read the source of pixi mesh

If you do everything right , there wont be direct calls of WebGL, only calls of pixijs geometry, texture and renderTexture systems. Please investigate GeometrySystem, TextureSystem , RenderTextureSystem, FrameBufferSystem to actually understand how does it map to webgl operations.

For pixijs-v5 it should be much easier than for v4, just open your mind , meditate on code and you'll get it.

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Below is the continuation of the project.

Somehow, I understand how to render a live2d model.

Currently, it is possible to display the live2d model.
However, the background becomes dark. I want to display the background transparently.

I thought that if you preload BaseRenderTexture from the following description, it will be solved,
I don't know how.
I would appreciate it if you could introduce useful materials.

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The background is displayed in black.(I want to display only the live2d model on the existing screen).
I think the baseRenderTexture setting is wrong, but I'm not sure.

I would like to know if there is a way to make the background transparent.
The code of the render part is as follows.

※renderer is Renderer
Live2DSprite.prototype._render = function(renderer) {

    //Create renderTexture.
    $ =;
    $gameLive2d.canvas = renderer.view;

    if (!this.modelReady) {

        this.texture = new PIXI.RenderTexture.create($gameLive2d.canvas.width, $gameLive2d.canvas.height);
        this.modelReady = true;

    //Create VertexArray
    vao =;;

    //Clear buffer
    renderer.framebuffer.clear(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);

    //Draw Live2dModel


    //bind renderTexture


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2 hours ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

vao =;;

All vao operations should be done through `renderer.geometry`

Please share your current results, I'll look at it

Thank you for responce.

①about vao

I replaced vao with the following code. (The result did not change)


②current results

When the display target is displayed, the background becomes black.


スクリーンショット 2020-09-13 20.09.13.png

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Hi! I've also been looking around for solutions on incorporating Live2D 4.0 into PIXI V5.

Unfortunately, I don't really have the technical skills to really contribute to a solution, but excited to see if there can be a solution/simple example in the future!

For what it's worth, here's a library I've been playing with that ports Live2D 2.0 into PIXI V5, which is slightly different from the V4 integration from AVG. Maybe that example can be of help?

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