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Cannot view sprite render/debug


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Hello again everyone. I'm having trouble with trying to look at my characters collision box. I was looking at this example and I implemented the offset collision to my character, the problem is viewing how it looks like just like in the example. I am currently using the basic template provided on Github, and it doesn't seem to incorporate a render function. I tried to add one, but I kept getting errors. 



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Yes I have:

basicGame.Game = function(game) {    //	When a State is added to Phaser it automatically has the following properties set on it, even if they already exist:    this.game; //	a reference to the currently running game    this.add; //	used to add sprites, text, groups, etc    this.camera; //	a reference to the game camera    this.cache; //	the game cache    this.input; //	the global input manager (you can access this.input.keyboard, this.input.mouse, as well from it)    this.load; //	for preloading assets    this.math; //	lots of useful common math operations    this.sound; //	the sound manager - add a sound, play one, set-up markers, etc    this.stage; //	the game stage    this.time; //	the clock    this.tweens; //	the tween manager    this.world; //	the game world    this.particles; //	the particle manager    this.physics; //	the physics manager    this.rnd; //	the repeatable random number generator    //	You can use any of these from any function within this State.    //	But do consider them as being 'reserved words', i.e. don't create a property for your own game called "world" or you'll over-write the world reference.};

Also, may I note that my index.html file does not have "render" in it at all: 

window.onload = function() {	//	Create your Phaser game and inject it into the gameContainer div.	//	We did it in a window.onload event, but you can do it anywhere (requireJS load, anonymous function, jQuery dom ready, - whatever floats your boat)	var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, 'gameContainer');	//	Add the States your game has.	//	You don't have to do this in the html, it could be done in your Boot state too, but for simplicity I'll keep it here.	game.state.add('Boot', BasicGame.Boot);	game.state.add('Preloader', BasicGame.Preloader);	game.state.add('MainMenu', BasicGame.MainMenu);	game.state.add('Game', BasicGame.Game);	//	Now start the Boot state.	game.state.start('Boot');};

There doesn't seem to be a render function or "this.debug" in the template. How do I implement one? I noticed in tutorials that people implement this line of code, and when they call a render or debug method it would pop up seamlessly:

var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, '', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update, render:render }); 

Thank you both for sticking around to help. Please feel free to assist me with this problem, I will also make an effort to fix this up myself as well. 

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Try updating to phaser v1.1.6 and then try it on IE 9+ or safari. for some reason the "this.game.debug.renderPhysicsBody(player.body);"  only works on IE and safari and not in chrome or firefox for me.  


I'll look into updating to the new version soon. Thank you for your help xdiepx. I appreciate it. And yes I have been using Chrome this whole time. 

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