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Falls back to CANVAS renderer


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yes, but at that point it's either you set `failIfMajorPerformaceCaveat` to false and games won't work on some linux platform (this was one of the issue in the past), or true but then windows machines that don't have a good enough WebGL driver implementation will fallback to canvas.... unless you have a good idea, not much more I can do about this to be honest... 

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Merry Christmas Obiot! Thanks for the years of support.

Was there a change in the GL implementation? I noticed that it was slower even when I bypassed this behavior.

There was a point when it worked fine, although I could probably do with a total rewrite of the game's entity code as well. I haven't updated this game in awhile now. I've just been updating the game library.


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there were a massive rewrite in the version 8 compared to version 7 yes, with better detection and fallback to canvas, and also WebGL2 support, so you should actually see performances improvement :)  

but this might be linked the the below changes on older computer with 2 GPU, as browser are all switching to a low-power mode by default, as opposed to the previous "high-performance"

  • Renderer : allow specifying the default powerPreference value for the WebGL Renderer (on Safari and Chrome 80+ default is now low-power)

see here for the WebGL specs : https://www.khronos.org/registry/webgl/specs/latest/1.0/

my pleasure and merry Christmas to you too ! I have done anything in a while, between moving house and holiday period, I;ll only be back in January :)



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