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Android Webview bad performance in contrast to browser tabs

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As the title says the android webview delivers a bad performance in contrast to browser tabs.

This is actually very annoying. Because in browser tabs one is not allowed to show admod ads.

The mobile browser (in most cases Chrome) is very fast. Webviews are slow.

In webviews I can implement a javascript interface: This way I can communicate with the website (in my case with my game Territorial.io).

Browser tabs don't allow this feature. Furthermore they are not fullscreen. And in the end I can't show ads there.

At the moment I let the user decide whether he wants to open the game in a webview or in a browser tab.

I get most of my users over Google Play so I don't want to loose this traffic source. On the other hand I can't provide a good gaming experience for mobile device users.

Javascript is actually a very nice cross platform language. It can be executes on every device that has a browser. Yes there are some problems. For example the website gets zoomed and you can't zoom back.

I just want to write the code of my game once. And then my thought was it would work on IOS, Android and desktop. 

I didn't expect that so many problems would occur.

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On 2/16/2021 at 6:27 PM, Milton said:

Would a PWA (added to the store) allow ads?

Hello, thanks for this keyword! On youtube videos about my game I see that it seriously lags on mobile devices. Before I think about ads I should guarantee a good user experience.

Now I will do some research about progressive web apps (PWA).

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