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bloomFilter sharp rectangular cut in svg


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Kinda new here as well, had the same issue the other day.

As I understand filters are applied according to a 'FilterArea' that fits the container by default.

You should set it with a rectangle the fits the texture plus padding.

container.filterArea = new PIXI.Rectangle(0, 0, someWidth, someHeight);

Just be careful with the positioning, looks like FilterArea does not automatically move with the container.

Little example here:


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ok, it worked, for future people(including me) here is a simple fix:

const bloomFltr = new PIXI.filters.BloomFilter();
const heart = new PIXI.Sprite(heartTexture);
heart.filters = [bloomFltr,blurFltr]
bloomFltr.blur =120;
bloomFltr.padding =5;

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