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Candy crush clone made in two days with Javascript


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There is these mornings when you wake up with a idea: "And now can I make a game like Candy Crush with javascript?". Day time, I am a Front End Developper, at night I became a game noobie developer. During these last two days (13 & 14 March 2014), during the day (sorry boss), i make a very simple clone of candy crush with HTML5 & Javascript. With a help from jQuery & HammerJS.


See what is become: http://copycut.github.io/gems-swapper/ and let me know your feelings.


Thank you.



(Sorry for my poor english, I live in Belgium and speak french :))

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Hey guys here is a stab that I took at making a Candy Crush clone in HTML5 with a couple of free hours over a weekend sometime back. 


It does take into account combinations of 4 (in a row) and 5 (in a row, L shape, T shape) like is done in Candy Crush. But I didnt perfect it. 


Give it a try. 




Do check out my venture's website http://snapower.net/tech/ if you are interested in our more mainstream gaming efforts. 

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