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As you may know, I love to make one button games for my C1ic.mx site, but in this case I wanted to try something different and I made a game with no buttons, you just move the mouse to shoot the moles.

(The only button are the ones in the menu)

e83f902dcc4c4642892a126316d82a6c.image.png Mole Busters

I was trying to merge a shooting game, with an avoider game in a whack a mole game and the result is pretty fun, I'll keep making games with this new mechanic, I think there are several games that can be done. Shooting games are great and I want to try make them in a different way.

My wife hate shooters and she was playing this one trying to beat my son score and the was fantastic for me.

Play Mole Busters

I'll create different games and all those are going to have the “busters” name on them in some way so I can make a clear difference with my one button games. I hope you like it.



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