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GWE - A new 3D game engine based on web technologies


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GWE (alias Game Web Engine) is a tree-dimensions game engine based on web technologies (javascript, html, css). This engine is designed to be light, simple to use and non-opinion based. Pretty fun to use !

Some features likes:
- Graphics manager
- Screen manager of the different "screens" of the game
- Texture resource manager
- Sound resource manager
- Event manager
- Input manager keyboard/mouse
- UI manager (over 16 basic widgets)
- Script manager
- Support for multiple 2D and 3D camera views
- Navigation mesh (JSON Walkmesh Model alias JWM)
- Static image (JSON Static Sprite alias JSS)
- Animated image (JSON Animated Sprite alias JAS)
- Static textured meshes (JSON Static Mesh alias JSM)
- Animated textured meshes (JSON Animated Mesh alias JAM)
- Geometric shapes of debug
- And some other things...


Some template project likes :
- Visual novel starter-kit
- 2D Isometric navigation starter-kit
- 3D Pre-rendered navigation starter-kit
- 2D top-down starter-kit
- CCG starter-kit
- RPG starter-kit
- etc...

Website : https://gamewebengine.com/
Github: https://github.com/ra1jin

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