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BitmapText Performance in CocoonJS


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Hello, I'm experiencing some performance issues with BitmapText. In one screen in my game, I have 4 BitmapText objects and the fps in CocoonJS drops to around 45.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but looking at the source, it seems that a BitmapText object is a display object container where each character in the bitmap text is a sprite.


If this is true, then is it possible to incorporate a SpriteBatch instead of DisplayObjectContainer in BitmapText to contain all of these sprites? And will doing so improve its performance?

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I also came into this, it terribly drops FPS count ( especially if your text is nested in some additional DoC ).

If you have multiple static text in some container, you can cacheAsBitmap bitmapText and container itself, it did the trick for me in simple example.

Unfortunately, cacheAsBitmap is not working perfectly too, sometimes it trims part of your content ( I think because of bad bounds calculating, when the container is scaled ).

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