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Alternatives to local host?

Froton X

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Spent 45 minutes trying to setup a local host. WAMP wouldn't work due to it detecting that my C++ database was broken and even though I "repaired" it by reinstalling the files with the repair command, it still shows it as broken. I just tried XAMMP, had the folder with the game as the root file, but doesn't read it.


So I was wondering what other alternatives are there and are there any good tutorials for it? Thanks.


EDIT: Nevermind, got Cloud9 IDE to work!


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Chupup games: I have netbeans ide, but haven't tried it yet. I assumed that since Dreamweavers preview didn't work, other program's "preview" modes wouldn't work.


clark: Thanks, sounds easy to implement.


@99golemgames I really should have got a mac, they get all the good stuff, especially the iOS stuff.


kass: Brackets can do that? I wonder why Dreamweaver can't.

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