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GM:Studio - Beware update 1.3.1307


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Update 1.3.1307 came out the other day so I downloaded and installed it and it totally messed up my GM: Studio. It took longer to open, closing it was a problem too some times I needed to use the task manager. But the biggest issue was what seems to be a memory leak. After compiling and testing my WIP on 2 different mobile devices on chrome the results where the same, the frame rate will steadily decreased until the game ran at about 6 FPS and was unplayable. I debugged all i could, did many tests and after leaving my game with only some static objects with no code the problem still persisted. So I opened older projects that already worked fine from previous versions, re-compiled them and the same problem occurred.


Here is my WIP BEFORE and AFTER the update. Try it on your mobile and see if you get the same thing. The number on the top left is the FPS (max 30) and the bottom one is the instance count. touch left or right of your car to move one lane. Swipe to move 2. Nothing will happen if you hit another car anyway. I don't know if the problem exists on desktop because my HTML5 games (or most others) never run well on this old machine.


Thankfully when i went and downloaded the installer from yoyogames it wasn't updated yet so I now have a functional copy that I can work with. 


EDIT: made a bug report

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Hopefully they'll roll out the fix soon, I just assumed it was Firefox giving me some trouble before I messaged their support. Rolling back on Steam fixed everything, but people running standalone have a DRM bug too apparently. As neat as it is I'm probably staying out of the beta channel now.

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