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Converting .ogg files


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From what I can tell, PandaJS needs both an .ogg and .m4a file for each sound.  I'm assuming that's because certain browsers/devices use one or the other.


I have a bunch of .ogg files that I need to convert to .m4a.  I have tried some online converters with no luck.  The resulting .m4a file seems to work, but PandaJS refuses to load it.


game.addSound('media/sounds/death.m4a', 'death');Uncaught Error loading: media/sounds/death.m4a audio.js:164game.Audio.game.Class.extend.loadError audio.js:164(anonymous function)core.js:586

At first I thought I was just loading assets wrong, but when I use a file from one of the PandaJS examples it works fine. Is there a way to "correctly" convert these files?

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You can use avconv with a bash script.


Example on linux :

#!/bin/bashfor filepath in sounds/*; do    filename=$(basename "$filepath")    filename="${filename%.*}"    avconv -i "$filepath" -c:a libvo_aacenc -b:a 128k -y "../media/sounds/${filename}.m4a"    avconv -i "$filepath" -c:a libvorbis -b:a 128k -y "../media/sounds/${filename}.ogg"donemedia=""for filepath in ../media/sounds/*.m4a; do    filename=$(basename "$filepath")    filename="${filename%.*}"    media+="game.addAudio('sounds/$filename.m4a','$filename');"doneecho "game.module('game.media.sounds').body(function(){$media});" > ../src/game/media/sounds.js
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