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Detaching Sprite from Group so tweens don't affect it


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I'm trying to figure out how to detach a sprite from a Group.


Currently you add it with the group as a two-step process:

1) Create the Sprite

2) Add it to the group: group.add(sprite)


But if I want to detach it from the group, so I can handle it individually, I have no other option than "destroy", which removes the Sprite.

Setting the parent to null doesn't work either.

The objective is that when a specific condition is met, the tween that is applied to all elements in the group as a whole doesn't apply to this particular sprite.


Thank you!



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Move it to another Group:


Remember that World is a Group. So you can do world.add(sprite) quite happily, which will keep it on the display list and rendering.


Removing a child from a Group does not destroy or kill it, but it WILL stop rendering if you don't add it back onto the display list somewhere.

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