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Found 9 results

  1. bionicGirl


    Hi, this is my first try with Pixi and I would love to animate it using my fav tweening library Greensock. ABove is my pen. I don't get any errors, yet my displacementMap isn't animating... What am I doing wrong here? Any other improvements are also welcome. Thank you so much!
  2. Wondering how to get my networked sprites to "smoothly" move when their position is updated from the server. This function is called up to 10 times per second and provides the updated position of the remote player. Right now they kind of "jump" from position to position and I'd like to have a tween going to smooth it out. here's what it looks like: public Update(name: string, x: number, y: number) { var remotePlayer = this.remotePlayers[name]; var tween = this._game.add.tween(remotePlayer).to({ x: x, y: y }, 1000, Phaser.Easing.Linear, false
  3. Is it possible to tween a bitmap text object? I took some code from the Examples website and tried it on a bitmap text, but nothing happened. I tried the same code on a sprite, and it worked.
  4. Hi my phaser tweens are running slow on IE9 (about half speed), regular game loop object movement via setting x/y is fine, IE10+ is ok as is other browsers. Is there any known issue with phaser tweens and IE9? Example of tween code this.title.scale.set(0,0);this.title.alpha = 1;this.game.add.tween(this.title.scale).to({ x:1, y:1 },1500, Phaser.Easing.Elastic.Out, true, 500); Any ideas?
  5. Hi, another question about performance~ I've been busy updating my code to get more performance out of Phaser and CocoonJS. Currently everything runs fine ( stable 55 - 60fps ). Question / Problem When I change States - for example I go from my titlescreen into the mainmenu State: there are a few sprites set up and a few tweenings are done. A few means 3 - 6. During the change into the state the game struggles a little bit - it is lagging and also the tweening is lagging. This happens on all iOS devices (only developing for iOS included normal resolution screens / retina devices / iPad Air).
  6. Kuboid


    Hello there, I searched the net for a class to easily tween a PIXI.Sprite but didnt find - So I wrote something for this case. Example: http://kuboid.net/games/tween/ Download: http://kuboid.net/games/tween/tween.zip Usage: // Create a Tween to make your Sprite move to position.x = 100 within 60 frames, starting instantlyvar tween = new Tween(sprite, "position.x", 100, 60, true);// Optional add bouncing, easing..tween.easing = Tween.outElastic;// Optional add a callbacktween.setOnComplete(alert, "done"); You also can also create a queue for multiple Tweens: // Difference in
  7. (This following might be more or less a colleage of related, yet independent thoughts) I suppose I just want smoother transitions in my sprite movement. I'm trying to address the issue with my sprite.position changes.. which are currently just incremental. http://www.iakarra.net/demo/polymer/WiAClient/index.html where as, http://www.iakarra.net/demo/polymer/WiAClient/wiia.account.js actually contains the update function/method (and in turn calls on the 'character.step' function) that is executing on every animate call/tick on the main page. So this is really the scope I'm concentrating on.
  8. Hi! I'm trying to figure out how to detach a sprite from a Group. Currently you add it with the group as a two-step process: 1) Create the Sprite 2) Add it to the group: group.add(sprite) But if I want to detach it from the group, so I can handle it individually, I have no other option than "destroy", which removes the Sprite. Setting the parent to null doesn't work either. The objective is that when a specific condition is met, the tween that is applied to all elements in the group as a whole doesn't apply to this particular sprite. Thank you!
  9. Personally I am very new to game development and have recently picked up phaser. I have seen a lot of phaser games use tweening. I do not understand what it means. The examples on the website do not clear it up either. Can anyone explain to me what tweening is and how it related to phaser?
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