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PBS KIDS HTML5 Dev work for hire


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I work for PBS KIDS Digital, and we are looking for some individuals or companies to work with us on some HTML / CSS / JS / Canvas / SVG stuff. The homepage of our PBSKIDS.org portal has some fun interactive elements we call "themes". If you look at the PBSKIDS.org homepage today (31/3/2014) on a modern desktop browser, the "theme" is the desert area with animated cars. We have a couple of others that rotate daily, so if you look on another day it could be different. The area these themes reside in could hold any number of experiences that have nothing to do with what you see right now. We want to collaborate with people who enjoy making fun web experiences to expand our library of themes. Here's some info about the gig:


Who we are: PBS KIDS is the kid focused wing of the US public television broadcaster PBS, which is similar to BBC, CBC, NHK, etc. My team does the game, web, app, streaming video and other digital work.


Type of themes we're looking for: We have a ton of ideas and are open to hearing new ones. We've prototyped things like sticking our characters in spaceships then putting them in a JS physics engine and letting them bounce off the page elements. The main thing it needs to do are: be useable by kids, feature our characters, scale down to static elements on low powered devices and be fun.


Payment: We're open to discussing this on a project basis or as hourly work with a predefined number of maximum hours. We can work with international developers, though there are some requirements we have for payment we'd have to check on.


When: We want to start right away. We have immediate work that needs to be done, but this relationship would hopefully extend over a long period of time as we are constantly improving our site.


Technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, Canvas and SVG are the basics. We're open to whatever JS libraries best fit the need at hand and have experimented with physics engines and game engines on the homepage. 


Devices: This page gets around 60 million views per month, so the list of devices people visit on is basically endless. We target as many as we can for testing, including all major desktop browsers, iOS Safari, and a selection of Android browsers. We always specify our testing needs with developers ahead of time.


Responsive Design: Our homepage adapts to the browser size and technology of each user. 


Source control: We use Git and prefer to work with that. 


Deliverables: HTML, JS, CSS and assets for themes that are ready to be integrated into our custom CMS. The code has to be clean and easily expanded as we're constantly improving our site and fixing new bugs introduced by browser makers.


Working with us: We take pride in pushing web technologies to make awesome stuff for kids, and love working with people we can learn from. The primary people on this project are myself, Chris and Miguel. The team works in 2 week Agile style sprint cycles, and does code reviews often. If it works out that this project could work in sync with that process that would be cool.




If you'd like to find out more send me a note!





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that's interesting.. I was just reviewing Snap.svc and I believe they made specific reference to PBS Kids utilizing it...

It doesn't seem to be a part of your Platypus Game Engine git though..


EDIT: just realized this post is several months old.. popped up on my 'also tagged' list.. I suppose posters haven't been tagging their forum posts as often as they should be..

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