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My First Phaser games timer ticks fast in mobile


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Hi, this is my first phaser game MathBoxing If you play it in pc browser the counter works perfectly. But in mobile the counter ticks very fast.


this is my code

this.game.time.events.loop(1000,this.updateCounter,this);updateCounter:function(){	if(gameState == "PLAY"){	        counter -= counterDec;//where counterDec = 1;		if(counter <=0 ){			counter = 10;			opponentSprite.animations.play('box',24,false);			playerHealth.scale.x -= 0.1;			this.checkPlayerHealth();		}		timeText.content = counter;	}},

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



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Pretty sure when you create a timer the way you're doing, there is the capability for it be 'off' by small amounts that grow over time if the CPU lags.  lets say it's off by 0.05 seconds the first time - then the next time it's off by 0.01 - now you're off by a total of .06.  This adds up over time.  This is more likely to happen on a mobile device where CPU is limited.


If 'tight' timing is critical for your game, you might be better off writing some of this logic yourself.  Instead of setting a timer that runs every second, you'd note the start time, and in the game's "update" loop (the update function in your state, which is pretty much an enterFrame event) you'll compare the current time to the time start, and if it's been 1000ms or more, kick off whatever has to happen - in your event, that's gonna be updating the "seconds" at the top of your display and checking if the game is over.


I'm not doing a great job explaining it, but reading up on "time based animation" vs "frame based animation" might help.



like your game BTW!

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