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[Performance] Example 01 on mobile devices


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NOTE - The performance issue does not seem to be a problem with Pixi.js. It more seems to be a browser/hardware related problem.




today I finally wanted to give Pixi.js a try. Since I am most concerned about mobile devices I started with example 01 to see how it performs on mobiles. Unfortunately the performance seems not smooth at all. Is there anything wrong with my modified example ?


Working example:




I tested it on my Nexus4 (chrome) and I got around ~28fps.


Any help appreciated.




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Hi Benny,


Not too sure what could be going on there :/ 28fps with 1 bunny ain't no good at all! Something is definitely not quite right... Have you tried testing some of the other pixi.js examples on your phone at all?


how many bunnys can ya get with bunny bench mark?




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Hey doormat23,


thanks for your reply.


On the same device/browser (Nexus4/chrome) I got ~48FPS with 10 bunnys (sometimes it feels like some slowdowns, too).


Hmm ... how is performance on other devices. I though that the nexus4 was a relatively good device when it comes to HTML5 performance ?



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Just tested my example code as well as the bunnymark on firefox beta (v21). Both run with nearly 60fps. The bunnymark shows no FPS drops even with 1000 bunnies. Unbelievable. Did not expect that chrome performance is worse than firefox.


Can anyone verify this? This surprises me a lot.

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yeah, thats pretty bad performance. Nexus 4 is normally pretty fast..

On a Nexus 7 you should get about 1,200 bunnies at 30fps. Is a Nexus 4 a lot slower than a 7?


Hmm .. don't know. Never had the chance to compare them really.


how does run pixie run run go on you phone? http://www.goodboydigital.com/runpixierun/


The game runs pretty ok on both browser. Altough I have to say that it also seems to run smoother in Firefox. I think I did test RunPixieRun already on Chrome when you first released it and it ran faster. Maybe I am wrong - but perhaps the was a Chrome update lately which hurts the performance. Just guessing though ...

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Yup. Guess this has nothing to do with your lib. Just tested some other benchmarks of other libs. All in all - the performance I experienced seem to be way slower than I remember them to be. Hmm ... strange. Will try to do some more research on this. Just came across this thread - but this does not have to do anything with canvas/webgl I guess.

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