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Publishing HTML5 Games on the Chrome Web Store


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Hi everyone. We've been experimenting with the Chrome Web Store for a while and thought we'd publish some info on the publishing process in a blog entry:




The section on packaged apps uses a PlayCanvas game for illustration, but the steps/advice should hold for any HTML5 game. Hope you find it interesting.


I'm curious about other peoples' experience with publishing games to the Chrome Web Store. Particularly on the monetization side (since I didn't cover that in the article).

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We haven't tried to charge for anything on the CWS yet. We're still experimenting and SWOOOP was only published on the weekend. We'll see what kind of numbers we get. So far, so good though. The game's already featured on this page:



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Thank you for sharing your experience. 


I have a flash game published on CWS. It's a flash game that contains in-app ads (unfortunately I had no success with it)


An interesting addendum is how to monetize HTML games.


Or should we use it as a vitrine for our games on a mobile store? (I'd prefer to do both: make some money with them and use them as a way to drive traffic to mobile stores)

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Hi plicatibu,


I suspect that it will be very hard to make serious money from games in web storefronts like CWS at the moment (especially compared to what's possible with the App Store and Google Play). But I just don't have enough data on that at this point although I'll continue to experiment as time allows. But you ask about using platforms like CWS as a referral mechanism to get users to purchase a full version of your game from a mobile store. I think this is a very smart way to proceed - it's a great marketing tool. Furthermore, it's probably easier to get users to share your game to social media channels from a browser version than from an app store version.

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