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BabylonJS and Ejecta


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This maybe a bit out of scope for this group but...


I recently got a prototype of my physics game up and running on a few iOS devices.

First off it works better then I expected, which is great!

While older devices(iphone 4, 4th gen ipod touch) run a bit slower due to the physics engine, which I expected but it works and looks fine.


Slightly newer devices (ipad2, ipad mini, yet to test on iphone 5) run faster but have a terrible clipping/disappearing effect on meshes.

The mesh will blink multiple times even when stationary and framerate is around 50-60.


Has anyone else run into this? I am coming to the conclusion its probably something within the Ejecta code.




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I'm working with Ejecta and Babylonjs too and I've a similar problem. I noticed that using a far value > 10 and a near value > 50000 give me better results. BTW using just one texture per material is better for performances. I made some tests with babylon and three.js and we've better performances with Three.js and no clipping error.


How have you fixed the shader loading issue ? I've written a wrapper that override BABYLON.Effect.prototype._loadVertexShader and BABYLON.Effect.prototype._loadFragmentShader to pass a string that contains the shader. I don't know why but Ejecta can't load some shader files :/

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Thanks Demonixis.  Excellent post on your site, thanks for the info!


I removed almost everything I had in my scene because of the clipping...

Although, I had a water shader in my scene and I did see your github jist for shaders and was going to give it a test if I clear up the clipping.


My next step was going to move it over to Three.js but I enjoy Babylonjs a lot and wanted to give it a chance.

Have you tried getting Physijs running along side Threejs on an ipad? I was attempting to run some tests but struggled with setting the worker.

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@Deltakosh I made three videos that show all graphics issues with Babylon and Ejecta. As you can see we've big problems with doors and floor (the floor problem is maybe an internal error). Ejecta and Babylon are young, I don't know if it's a problem with Ejecta or Babylon. What do you think about it ?


A simple scene with a ground, cubes and a skybox works well with three.js and Babylon (we just have to set minZ > 10 and maxZ > 50000).

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  • 2 weeks later...

I was able to get a game working on all iOS devices with Ejecta and published on the app store.

While not graphically impressive, it's still a BabylonJS game running on iOS and in the store!

I pulled a lot out due to the performance on iOS devices with the physics engine, which I expected...

I would like to do some work without the physics engine.


For those of you with an iOS device, you can download it free here: https://t.co/cZVSmlN7sf

Let me know what your best score is some time!  Highest for me is 33.

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